About Us


Amba means “Mommy”

The Story began a few decades ago, “Connecting the Pieces”

Who am I – A gentle yet self-assured nature, who is passionate about ‘Care’ with knowledge and education to support families? I’m taking an individual responsibility to give to the community, an initiative to respond to your needs with the ability to kindly fit into your world, and to help you raise your child.

Purpose – The main focus is to help raise your little miracle with safety, health and good nutrition in a warm and cozy private home-like setting. We accommodate a small-sized group daycare that allows for a greater one-on-one attention for each child in our care. A perfect environment that provides comfort, trust and age-appropriate programs. The programs are designed for infants, toddlers, and pre-school er up to five years of age. We work closely with each child to help with their growth and development for physical, social, psychological and behavioral needs, inclusive of their unique talents. We help them with basic skills of life to develop their confidence and self-esteem, to provide tips on how to exercise patience, as well as help those who are socially shy to express their needs.

What I do – As a Licensed daycare provider I play a vital role in your child’s growth and development. I build and inspire trust in your child to develop their independence, ability to think and communicate. I’m open minded, spiritual, and culturally unbiased. I deliver extensive knowledge on the needs of your child. I’m passionate about helping, and I motivate families with skills for a safe and happy environment.

Being a childcare educator allows me to be a part of the children’s lives in a meaningful way, by developing programs, teaching and learning with the children. We climb through the basics of life and learn in a fun and loving environment. We can laugh and be silly, dance and use music and movement which helps us to remember to appreciate each moment and take one day at a time.

My Qualification: Diploma in Child Psychology and in Child Day Care Management is a perfect combo package that accommodates all the needs of a young family needing extra help on a daily basis. Licensing and Registration with Vancouver Coastal Health, West Coast CCRR, Vancouver City and the Ministry of Children and Families. Clear Criminal Record Check, with a valid First Aid Certificate. Multiple certifications such as food, allergies, being a responsible adult are a good preparation to deliver the knowledge required, problem-solve and think on my feet.

Where to find me: My website; ambas childcare dot com on google or your search engine.