Teaching Values


Universal Value #1: Honesty

  • Help Kids Find a Way to Tell the Truth. The best way to encourage truthfulness in your child is to be a truthful person yourself. …
  • Insist That Children Make Amends. …
  • Encourage Them To Take on a Challenge.
  • Teach Them To Think about Others’ Feelings. …
  • Be Generous with Your Affection.

The Four Building Blocks:

Early teaching forms an integrated approach to educating children. In the preschool years, much of the focus is on character development. Classroom experiences center around learning universal values such as kindness, honesty, cooperation, and responsibility. As the children mature, excellence becomes a natural consequence of the values focus; aiming for their best is not an external push, but an internal desire of students.

Teachers reward children for their efforts as well as their achievements. The third concept, global understanding, is built on the first two. At this level, children learn to value the range of cultures, races, and individual characteristics. Finally, from the first three building blocks comes a commitment to make the world a better place through community service. Specific curricular activities relate to each of these building blocks:

Universal values: The children are capable of learning virtues such as trustworthiness, compassion, courage, and patience. But mere knowledge of ideals and principles is not enough; children must translate ideals into action. Values education goes beyond critical analysis and intellectual appreciation by connecting it to volition and the desire for improvement. To build virtues in children, teachers integrate values education into the larger fabric of learning. When children participate in art, music, or drama, they often focus their work on themes such as unity, peace, environmental integrity, or service.






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